History of Camp Crame High School

1970 – It started as an annex of PONCIANO BERNARDO HIGH SCHOOL

OBJECTIVE: To provide secondary education to the children and dependents of the uniformed men and women of the Philippine National Police, Armed Forces of the Philippines, civilian employees of the camp as well as the residents of Barangay Bagong Lipunan and West Crame.

First Teachers: Mrs. Juanita Baconawa, Ms. Zenia Manzano and Mr. Elipidio Jose

In its initial operation, only two (2) sections were opened. One for the first year and the other for the Second Year. Classes were held at the Health Center of the EM’s barrio.

1972-1973 – an additional section was opened in the 2nd yr. level and Camp Crame Elem. School lent additional two rooms. From then on, the school’s enrolment increased yearly and proportionally together with the number of teaching staff.

1973 – the school moved to its present site in a 12-room, two-storey building constructed under the administration of Major Gen. Fidel V. Ramos and inaugurated by His Excellency Ferdinand E. Marcos and First Lady Imelda R. Marcos on August 8, 1973 with Mr. Manuel Delara as Head Teacher In-Charge.

Feb. 20, 1976 – by virtue of Circular No. 1 issued by Mrs. Comemoracion M. Concepcion, Camp Crame HS was formally established as an independent school from its mother school, Ponciano Bernardo HS


1975-1977 – Ms. Cleofe C. Mendinueto (first principal)

1977-1983 – Mr. Gil Llagas (Head Teacher In-Charge: Practical Arts)

June 1983 – Feb. 1986 – Ms. Dalisay F. Go

*From Feb. to May 1986, Mr. Gil Llagas in his capacity as Division Supervisor was again assigned as Officer-In-Charge.

June 1986 – Mr. William Barcena assumed his post as Principal for 3 years. It was in his term that a gym was constructed for graduation exercises and for other school activities.

1989-1991 – Mr. Alexander Vergara initiated the Clean and Green Program which made the school the prime model of the said program.

November 19, 1991 – Mrs. Emma E. Bautista took her stint as Principal for one and a half years. She initiated the construction of the Camayo Building under the auspices of then Cong. Feliciano Belmonte.

June 1993 – Dr. Noemi Moncada became the Head Teacher In-Charge up to Dec. 8, 1994 whose request for the completion of the building was made possible by Cong. Ronald Zamora of San Juan.

Mr. Alejandro S. Referente – followed after who served as Principal for six (6) years. During his term, the school gym got painted and makeshift rooms were constructed along the side.

Oct. 26, 2000 – Dr. Rowena Cacanindin became the new principal who served for 3 years. She initiated improvement of the physical facilities, upgrading of ancillary services, increase in the achievement level of the students as well as development of sports, culture & arts. She got promoted as Assistant Schools Division Superintendent of the Division of City Schools, Q.C.

June 23, 2003 – Mrs. Violeta Jordan took her post as Principal up to her retirement on April 1, 2006. She saw to it that discipline, school rules and regulations are implemented and spearheaded the repainting of Camayo Bldg. through Hon. Nanette Castelo-Daza of the 4th District, Q.C.

April 1 – June 6, 2006 – Dr. Crispin D. Duka assumed his post as Officer-In-Charge (OIC) of the school. He requested the demolition of the Gabaldon Building since he believed it has become hazardous for use by the students. He introduced the 50-minute per class in the school program in order to accommodate the 14 classes at the Camayo Bldg.

June 5, 2006 to Sept. 17, 2007 – Dr. Eladio H. Escolano became the principal. He initiated the request for another building replacing the old one that was demolished sometime in 2006. He focused on the improvement of information technology for the benefit of the students & teachers. Academic performance was improved making CCHS ranked no. 10 in the Division Achievement Test, S.Y. 2006-2007.

Sept. 17, 2007 – Dr. Zenaida Y. Arao assumed her post as Officer In-Charge with strong optimism to be able to address the shortage of classrooms.

*Reiterated the request for the construction of another bldg. with the concerted effort of the teachers, barangay and city officials Quezon City and San Juan, her vision of having a 3-storey building with the commitment made by Cong. Castelo-Daza, Mayor Belmonte and Cong. Zamora. Her administration also focuses on academics and developing the inherent talents & skills of students.

In the National Achievement Test of S.Y. 2009-2010, CCHS ranked number seven in the division.

February 22, 2010 – Dr. Arao was transferred to Ponciano Bernardo HS, Mrs. OLIVIA E. DAGDAG took her post as the new principal of the school.

The new administrator’s challenge is the resumption of the construction of the 3-storey, 15 room bldg. With the end of the term of then Congresswoman CASTELO-DAZA, Cong. ZAMORA and Mayor BELMONTE, the budget for the construction of the building became a problem. With the help of the school community most especially our DepEd officials, our building will resume its construction and hopefully the building will be finished before March 2012. With the new building the school can provide more classrooms and better facilities.

Better learning –teaching environment is an assurance that the school will continue to deliver good results in the field of academics, sports, and arts.


The school got its name after Brigadier General Rafael Crame. He was a Filipino constabulary officer who served as chief of the former Philippine Constabulary from 1917 until his death. He rose to prominence by leading successful campaigns of the Philippine Constabulary against several criminal gangs, mostly in the provinces. The American medal of valor was awarded to him for helping quash a mutiny in Manila in 1921. Camp Crame, the place that houses the Philippine National Police was named after him due to his contributions, and also for the elementary and secondary schools inside it.


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